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Our History

We’ve dealt with a wide range of personalities, businesses, issues, and web trends in the past. We are well aware that each client has unique requirements that must be satisfied in minute detail and on schedule without causing financial hardship.

At the advent of the internet era, we began creating websites. We sharpened our talents using the basic website tools given by early adopters like Lycos and Angelfire back in the day. That was back in the early 1990s, when no one knew how much money a professionally published website could bring in. Because there was no Google at the time, we had to work our way through the unknown. We continue to do what we do best and what we like the most now.

Zen Dezines continues to give a strong internet presence to small businesses in Butuan City, Philippines, and the CARAGA region. With over a decade of experience, Zen Dezines delivers innovative web solutions for a wide range of enterprises.

We incorporate modern online technologies into your business website, including but not limited to WordPress and WooCommerce, with our skills for applying these solutions to the difficulties of your growing organization.

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Our Expertise